Daycare and Boarding prices have been updated as of December 13, 2023.

Doggy Day Camp

Doggy Day Care is a new concept of dog care that has become increasingly popular as busy professionals and dog lovers have come to recognize the importance of providing supervised play to their furry friend while at work. Instead of spending a long day caged up resulting in boredom, stress and misbehavior, your pup will spend an entire fun-filled day playing fetch, wrestling, or just simply lounging in our indoor and outdoor areas.

By the time you get your buddy home, he will be well exercised which improves his behavior, allowing you to spend quality time with him.

Camp Pricing

Daycare *1 Dog2 Dogs
1 Day Pass$30.00$50.00
10 Day Pass$270.00$460.00
20 Day Pass$480.00$810.00
Unlimited Monthly (expires after 1 month)$460.00$782.00
Half Day Daycare Passes *1 Dog2 Dogs
1/2 Day$20.00$34.00
1/2 Day 10 Day Pass$180.00$306.00
1/2 Day 20 Day Pass$320.00$544.00

Program Structure:

Dogs are divided into groups based on size, age and temperament. Your dog will have to be evaluated before attending camp to be sure that he will do well in this group environment.

All playgroups are continuously rotated between the outdoor and indoor play areas. There will be a variety of interactive activities available for your dog including doggy playground equipment and wading pools.


Each guest will be provided with his individual cabin complete with a comfy bed. Our facility is fully climate controlled for the comfort of your dog.

During the day, all overnight guests will participate in the camp activities and enjoy an exciting day of play and socialization at no extra cost to you.

Boarding Pricing

Boarding *
1 Dog$55.00 / night
2 Dogs (Same Household)$93.00 / night
3 Dogs (Same Household)$120.00 / night
4+ Dogs (Same Household)See Kevin for special rate


The Dog Cabin offers a wide range of Spa services to meet your pet's needs including bathing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning as well as more specialized grooming services.

Not only will you have a well-exercised, content friend, but a great-smelling one too!

Call us for more information about grooming and pricing.

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