Requirements for Day Camp

All Doggy Day Campers and overnight guests must be at least 4 months old, Spayed/Neutered, if over six months, up to date on all Vaccinations as well as be in good health and flea and tick free. Before your dog can visit The Dog Cabin, he/she must have Bordatella vaccine within the past six months, Rabies, Distemper, Canine Influenza and a negative fecal sample. We recommend that the Bordatella (canine cough) Vaccine be administered at least 2 weeks prior to boarding. You must provide proof of these required vaccinations. Speak to your Veterinarian as he/she can advice you on what is best for your pet. For your convenience, your Veterinarian can fax a copy of the vaccinations to 860-704-0210.

Prescreening Process

The first step is completion of an application and a behavior questionnaire. You will then need to schedule your pup for a one on one interview with a Trained Pet Care Specialist. If appropriate, your dog will be introduced to our four legged staff members to see how well he/she interacts. If all goes well, we will then introduce him/her to other regular campers and invite your pet to stay at least 3 hours, and up to an entire day, so that we can continue to monitor their play patterns. This, of course, is at no cost to you.

If your pet fails interview process, it doesn't mean there is something wrong with your dog. Some pets simply do not do well in this type of pet care environment. We will be glad to give you other alternatives better suited for your pooch. For the health and safety of all our campers, we cannot accept aggressive dogs. If your dog exhibits aggressive behavior while at camp, it will disqualify him/her from attending Doggy Day Camp or Lodging at The Dog Cabin.


Day Campers - If you wish your dog be fed lunch, you must bring food in baggy or container clearly labeled. We occasionally offer treats unless you specify otherwise.

Overnight Camp - It is highly recommended that you bring your dog's own food. Failure to do so may result in upset stomach and diarrhea. Food must be portioned per meal/day in baggies. If you prefer that The Dog Cabin provides the food, there will be a $5.00 per day charge for food.


Should your pet require oral medications during his/her stay, we will happy to accommodate that. Oral medications will be administered per your instructions at no extra charge. We can not administer injectable medications. Ear or Eye medications can be administered for a $2.00 fee per administration. You must bring medications clearly labeled with your pet's name and instructions on dose, frequency and route (oral, eye, ear).

What to Bring to Camp

Your dog must have a Quick Release Collar and tag with your current contact information as well as a leash when entering The Dog Cabin. You may feel free to bring in your pet's favorite toy for overnight stays. No need to bring bedding as we provide comfy bed and fleece blanket for each pet. Please be advised that The Dog Cabin can not be held responsible for lost or damaged belongings. Please label all belongings. (Let us know if your dog is prone to chewing bedding)

Late Pick-up

We ask that you come 15 minutes prior to closing to give adequate time for the checkout process. Your dog will be overnight boarded if you are more than 15 minutes late after closing time. You will also be charged the standard boarding fee.


Cancellation Policy

Overnight Camp - We ask for 48 hour advance notice for cancellation or you will be charged a minimum of a two-night cancellation fee. We require 72 hours notice for holidays.

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